Below are comments from patients who were recently in our office.  We will do our best to deliver the same quality of service to you!


To give someone the gift of a smile is priceless and life changing. I can't begin to thank your team for all you are doing to make my dreams of having a beautiful smile come true. Dr. McNeel, Lori and the staff at Ozark Prosthodontics have my life long gratitude for their genuine concern for my happiness and health. Thank you with my whole heart. -Jennifer Morales

It was a great relief for our family to find Dr. McNeel, Mrs. McNeel and their staff. We quickly realized we were in the perfect place. We had found a doctor and staff that completely understood our teenage daughter's unique dental needs. Not only did we feel confident in Dr. McNeel's expertise to care for our daughter's dental needs, but that the emotional needs of a teenage girl would be respected and valued during the process. Ozark Prosthodontics was also willing and skilled to work with our insurance provider on our behalf. Their help with this aspect of our daughter's care has allowed us to focus more fully on her dental and emotional health. We can highly recommend Dr. Dean McNeel and his staff for your family, as he and his staff are now a part of ours.
Keith and Susan, Clarksville

The entire staff was amazing - caring, compassionate, informative, and attentive. All my fear of treatment is completely gone. I have found my dentist for life!

Everyone was very welcoming and comforting. I have never been to any doctor or dentist office where I felt at ease from the moment I walked in. They not only took time to make sure I was comfortable but well informed and handled my insurance with ease. I highly reocmmend them.

This was my first time visiting this location; I need some serious dental work done. From the moment I stepped into the office until I left I was treated like gold. I received an amazing tour of the facility, introduced to everyone on staff, given step by step what everyone does and how my process might go, and Dean (the dentist) was amazingly honest, up front, and I believe passionate about helping me. I feel very comfortable here, which is saying a lot, dentist's scare the heck out of me!

Top notch, quality care from all of the staff at Ozark Prosthodontics. We are lucky to have them in Northwest AR. From the staff at the front desk and behind the scene,the assistants, hygenist, lab techs, Luke and DR. McNeel. I have always been treated like family and received wonderful care.
- Shelly

Dr. McNeel and his staff are absolutely great. Dr. McNeel has done implants and crowns for me and his work is exceptionally impressive. Dr. McNeel is the first dentist that has given me shots to numb my mouth and I never felt the shot. Dr. McNeel is very patient and is committed to perfect work. I have referred friends that are absolutely terrified of dental work and Dr. McNeel has eased their fears. Last note, Dr. McNeel is honest. I actually found Dr. McNeel because I had one cavity in my life, my old dentist retired and the new dentist I saw next stated I had 8 cavities. When I saw Dr. McNeel I only had one surface cavity only!!! I knew something was wrong with the new dentist I saw, he was trying to make money off of me for problems I didn’t have. I hope Dr. McNeel never leaves the Northwest Arkansas area.

Amazing dental group. Some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet, very friendly, professional and high tech, and experienced together which is rare and refreshing!

I have been a patient of Dr. McNeel’s for 10 years and during that time I have been very pleased with his work. He has always listened to my wishes. When I have had emergency situations he has always been willing to work me in. Most recently his office worked diligently with my insurance company to get me the best coverage and was very successful, for that I am very grateful. I have and will continue to recommend him to my family and friends

Dr. McNeel, Thanks for giving me a brand new smile. I should have called you long ago!

Dr. McNeel and his staff were very easy to talk to and explained my options all along the way. If I had a concern or a problem, I don't think I ever had to wait longer than 24 hours to talk to or get in to see the doctor. In most cases, they made space for me the afternoon of the day I called.

My teeth--see, I can't call them anything else now--my NEW teeth seem so natural that I honestly forget they're not mine. You guys are great!

I have a great appreciation for Dr. McNeel and his entire staff. My regular dentist that could not perform what was required to obtain the dental health recommended. He stated Dr. McNeel is the best specialist in this area, he is on the cutting edge of prosthodontic procedures. I am a person that is scared to even go to a regular dentist but his entire office made me feel at ease. Top quality office and staff personnel.
Listed are points of experience and observation:
1. The work that he performed is second to none.
2. I knew what the costs were before I got started.
3. He showed me on the computer the finished look before I started.
4. He invests in newest equipment.
5. Trains staff to operate equipment.
6. Bottom line is they all work together to make your dental requirements a positive experience.

I was referred to Dr. McNeel by a dear friend who is in the dental profession. She told me that he had the reputation of being the best for the kind of work I needed done, and that he was a perfectionist! I was apprehensive about having a bridge put in the upper front of my mouth but it was necessary due to a childhood accident.

Dr. McNeel did a wonderful job making my bridge and the crowned tooth next to it! My smile looks more beautiful than it did before! No one knows that these aren't my natural teeth. Dr. McNeel did an excellent job, and he is a perfectionist, including the tiniest of details to duplicate my original teeth!

In addition to Dr. McNeel being an excellent prosthodonist, he has a professional, sensitive, and caring staff that help make your experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. I highly recommend Dr. McNeel and feel grateful to him for my beautiful teeth and smile!

I'm smiling and so pleased! Accolades to you for all your time and effort and the beautiful results. I truly appreciate you being such a perfectionist. Please thank the staff for their support, too. Thank you again for your outstanding expertise.

There is no way that I could ever express our gratitude for what you all have done for my son and our family.
I know that your profession is a business and that you are passionate about it. However, I sincerely believe that my son’s situation was taken to heart and handled in a professional, yet personal manner. Thank you for your kindness, tenderness, and hard work.


Thanks! You have done it again. Perfect fit!


The absolute best dental office experience I had. The team is professional, friendly and does a great job in working with insurance. I might even learn to like dentists!

The Dr. and staff are the best I have ever been to. They really take the time to get to know you and care about your concerns.
- Tonna

Thank you so much for everything you, Dean, Luke, and the rest of your staff have done for Mary. Finding you has been life changing for her. At one point we were told nothing could be done until she was 25. True beauty starts from the inside out, the work you have done for her gives her the confidence to let it shine. Thank you!!
Mary's Mom

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone that helped me during my appointment today. I have never had a dental appointment where the Doctor and 3 others were in the room diligently focusing on my particular case. Everyone was incredibly patient with me and very knowledgeable which put me even more at ease and I have never achieved that sitting in a dental chair. I have also never had such a thorough examination. I truly appreciate the genuine interest in helping me fight to achieve the financial means to accomplish this. It was a pleasure meeting all of you. It was well worth the 3 hour trek to finally see that there may be some hope. I'm so thankful I was directed your way! Thank you again!

The McNeel's literally changed my life. Several members of my family have Ectodermal Dysplasia and have been plagued with dental problems our whole lives. Ozark Prosthodontics worked closely with us to ensure our extensive costs were covered as much as possible under medical insurance and continues to explain their methodology as they work to repair the damage caused by our condition. Thanks to them, I have a fully functional and beautiful smile for the first time in my life.
George W

Dr. McNeel is an artist and works like man possessed, but he is... possessed with the desire to change lives. Lori is a patient advocate with the BIGGEST heart ever, never met a challenge she couldn't tackle or a insurance company she couldn't convince to do the right thing. Is there any better compliment?
Brandy, who does Nurse Anesthetics for them, is like a member of our family, and not just because she has great drugs. EVERY nurse, hygienist, and staff member is an angel with a heart to serve and a terrific sense of humor!
Dr. Blansett is a rockstar as well.

You have given my beautiful boys with pretty smiles, GORGEOUS, CONFIDENT smiles and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. And, I have lived with my teeth all my life and my temporaries have made me smile even bigger.

Thank you is not enough.... we LOVE each and appreciate everyone of you. Especially everyone who worked from at least 7 this morning until at least 9 this evening making my sister and I have the healthy teeth and smiles we've wanted our whole lives.
Lisa B